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Welcome to our reservation system ...
Just a few pointers before you head into the calendar:

Please read our cancellation policy before booking your class.

Questions about our Wait List? Someone's cancellation could be your lucky day...

For Date Nights:  1 seat = 1 couple.
Do not buy two seats, one for you and one for your date.
For Adult and Child classes: 1 seat = 1 adult and 1 child team.
An additional child can be added for a discount.
Searching for Classes
By entering the following search terms into the "Search/Filter" box you will narrow down

the options that are returned and the calendar will be easier to read: 
ADULT or ADULT AND CHILD will return all Adult and Child Workshops
SUMMER CAMP returns all the classes for 7-10 and 11+ ages for summer sessions
DECEMBER, FEBRUARY or APRIL will return all school vacation classes for those months (following the Newton School Calendar)
TEEN will return all Teens or Teens and Adults classes
DATE NIGHT returns all the couples cook/date night classes

You can also use the "Category" Drop down menu to pick classes by the themes of Adult, Kids, Summer Camp, Teens etc.
Thank you for reading the above information. Any questions - do not hesitate to contact our staff.