The Stocked Pot and Company
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Thu, May. 12, 2016 @ 6:30 PM
Tue, May. 31, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Graduates of our 101 and 201 cooking skills series will love this new series, created just for the cook who really wants to hone their culinary skills. Chef Don will conduct a series of 4 classes and in each class you will learn hands-on techniques that will show off your love of the culinary arts. Each class will discover the intricacies of how cooking works. Join us for this in depth series, class size is limited to the first 12 students who register. The price of $699.00 is for all 4 classes, when you register for this series you will be signed up for all 4 classes.

CLASS #1:Today we will concentrate on advanced sauces, and soups. Our menu will include, True Consomme,  Sauces Choron,  Bearnaise, and Au Poivre,  which will accompany strip loin steak, crab meat casserole, and grilled vegetables. These sauces are the jewels in the crown if sauces, master these and the Food Network will need to talk to you.
CLASS #2: Today we will concentrate on Seafood. You have already mastered the basics of seafood cooking but now is the real test of seafood cookery. Our menu today includes,  Lobster Thermador, Seviche of shellfish, Seafood sausages, Perfect Crab Cakes and Bouillabaisse
CLASS #3: Fancy pastries reign in every culture, our class today will demystify the noble art of creating desserts fit for royalty.

Our menu will include, Napoleons, Baba au Rhum,  Floating Islands, Chocolate Truffles and Fresh Fruit Tartlettes.

CLASS #4: Vegetables complete every meal, today's class will show off some of the very best vegetable creations, and inspire you to create your own variations. Our menu will include, Moussaka a Greek Eggplant Lasagna,  Spinach Souffle, Puree of Carrots with Grand Marnier, Potatoes Dauphine, Wild Rice Pilaf, Stuffed Zucchini with Olive Tepanade, and much more. Graduation certificates will be awarded to all students completing this exciting series

11 openings available


Chef Don

Class/Date Description Openings/Price/Location

Tue, Jun. 7, 2016 @ 6:30 PM
Wed, Jun. 29, 2016 @ 6:30 PM

Our very popular series 101, 201 and 301 had led us to complete our students culinary training by offering a 401 series. Advance Cooking Graduate Level. Chefs Don and Andrew will teach our talented students the finishing touches of Grande Cuisine. Each class in the series has been designed to showcase to ultimate skills necessary to call oneself a true Culinarian. Sign up today and get ready for a lifetime of creative cooking. Each graduate of our 401 series will receive a signed certificate of accomplishment from The Stocked Pot Cooking School, and of course bragging rights to compliment your new prowess in the kitchen. The final class in this five part series will be a Mystery Basket Iron Chef style team effort where each student will contribute in preparing the evening's meal, using traits learned in the past classes. Each student will invite one guest to attend the dinner, which will be served buffet style and accompanied by special wines selected by Chef Andrew to compliment our feast. Additional guests may join us on a space available basics for an additional fee of $50, seating is limited.

12 openings available


Chef Don