Artisinal Dish
6998 N US Hwy 27, Unit 111, Ocala FL 34482

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class image ASIAN FUSION Respondents: 1
Score: 3.00

Barbara Score: 3/5
The instructor was
2 - Okay
The atmosphere was
3 - Fun
Complexity of the recipes
3 - Average
The food was
4 - Very Good
The skills you learned were
2 - Average
I enjoyed myself and had fun
4 - Agree
Additional comments and observations

The instructor was: He was okay-he was a good cook and knew his ingredients etc, but was not particularly engaging. Also, he was hard to hear-he should have had a mike on.

The atmosphere was: Nice room, see comments below about layout.

Complexity of the recipes: recipes were good for competent home cooks.

The skills you learned were: Did not really learn any skills.

I enjoyed myself and had fun: I enjoyed it because I met new people.