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Fran Torigian
Coral Springs, FL
13 Oct 2018
attended last night the Wine 101 class . The class
very informative and presented in a very professional
manner .

The foods that Chef prepared were over the top and as good and
even better than you could eat at any top rated restaurant .

Eric and Chef thank you for a very wonderful evening with
great information learned and i will have great memories
of the wonderful food also .

Looking forward to my next class !
Bob Doman
Nutley, NJ
9 Aug 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed food and tastes I would never try. Great business man and show man. Sean was personable and friendly. Chef took pics with my family. I'll travel to Fla to see him again!
Lisa Heisel
Succasunna, NJ
2 Jan 2018
My husband and I participated in the Couples dinner on December 23 and it was wonderful! The experience and food were equally fantastic. Chef Jean-Pierre is both entertaining and a great chef! I highly recommend this experience to anyone!
Meghan Paquette
Bemidji, MN
29 Jul 2017
Went to the cooking class while on vacation with my daughter and we had a great time. Entertaining, delicious foods and lots of laughs.
Elizabeth Handly
Fort Lauderdale, FL
7 Apr 2017
I took Chef Jean Pierre's "Classic Chicken Recipes" class this week and, as always, had a spectacular time. The recipes for "the best ever Chicken Fricassee" and Chicken Paprikash were scrumptious and I look forward to trying them at home. When preparing the Chicken Piccata recipe, Chef Jean Pierre was inspired to change things up a bit with delicious results. He promise to send the revised recipe to the class which he has done. Chef exceeded our expectations by throwing in a dessert; it was Molten Chocolate Cake which was perfection. He emailed us that recipe as well. It's always a fun, happy time with Chef Jean Pierre, Bradley and LeAnn and I can't wait to go back!
Donna Theese
Fort Lauderdale, FL
5 Mar 2017
The knife skills class was one of the best classes I have only was it informative and fun....the hands on experience makes it perfect.....if you are not chopping quit right your will be corrected and you will leave the class with the knowledge of knowing exactly what to do. You will learn how to make chopping and cutting easy, but also how to do things correctly and safely....I have many great knives at home and learned how to take great care of them.....thank you.....I can't wait to take another class.....and by the way the lunch was fabulous....
Patricia Pascucci
Punta Gorda, FL
14 Jan 2017
We went to the Jan. 12th Italian Dinner and it was excellent,everything was excellent,the hostess at the front was so nice and helpful. I never saw such an immaculate kitchen,and dinning area.The food was absolutley to die for so we thank Chef Jean and his assistant for a wonderful experience and excellent food preparation.We will go back and i highly recommend this cooking experience to all>
Lydia Davis
North Lauderdale, FL
14 Nov 2016
Chef Jean Pierre and staff are absolutely AMAZING! Chef Jean Pierre is not only an phenomenal chef he a great comedian as well. His charisma makes the class so enjoyable. What a great way to celebrate my birthday with wonderful friends. The atmosphere is so warm and loving. It was such a awesome experience I am looking forward to scheduling another class with the ladies. I will be booking that romantic dinner with hubby soon as well. We have been telling everyone about this amazing experience. We learned some amazing tips, the class is not only fun, but it is educational and tasty YOU CAN'T GET IT ANY BETTER THAN CHEF JEAN PIERRE AND STAFF. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AMAZING NIGHT YOU MADE MY BIRTHDAY EXTRA SPECIAL AND I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. I am looking forward to the next class :-)
David Schnorr
West Palm Beach, FL
7 Nov 2016
Have Been coming to Chef Pierre's Since the Left Bank and then these wonderful classes that are Amazingly informative gut laugh fun and delicious! Dinner and a show.
Charlotte Wolfe
Fort Lauderdale, FL
1 Nov 2016
I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed attending the classes/events with Chef Jean Pierre. Not only is it informative, I always learn something, but they are FUN FUN FUN. He is funny although a great teacher. I value his experience and expertise.I am practicing what he preaches. Well he doesn't actually preach, just instructs.
Oh and the food is good too.
James Dusing
Columbia Falls, MT
22 Sep 2016
quite possibly the best meal we have EVER had.
beyond fabulous food, which there can be NO denying is the entertainment of the evening. Chef has an obvious love of what he does and is very willing to share the wisdom that he has acquire to help others not only have a delightful evening but also to take home a piece of the evening and improve the daily joy of a meal. and WE THANK CHEF and can't to return for "another course. GOD BLESS AMERICA and Chef
Kari and Duz hungry travelers from Montana
Bob Ford
Sunrise, FL
21 Dec 2015
fun, entertaining evening with exquisite food, perfect sauces will transport you to France for the night. Highly recommended to all.
Jim & Suzanne Murphy
Boca Raton, FL
4 Nov 2015
My children gave me the first two classes as a birthday gift. My husband & I used the gift certificate for the Couples Dinner on October 24, and Paella Night on October 30. We had a WONDERFUL time at both events. Chef Jean-Pierre is hilarious, entertaining, as well as a fabulous chef. His passion for cooking is infectious. I love to cook, and have been doing it for 50 years, but I learned so many tips from him in just those two classes! We are definitely returning! In fact, we have already reserved for Valentine's Day weekend, and are trying to choose a class for our anniversary in December. Just finished making his homemade mayonnaise, and it came out perfect, just like his!
Kathleen Moreo
Tamarac, FL
22 Apr 2015
Last night was spectacular -- delectable, enjoyable, entertaining, and perfectionner in the Frenchest of French ways. Champion Chef JP and company outdid themselves with a spectacular menu that blossomed with flavors from the deep blue sea before our eyes. Thanks to McKinnon Wealth Management for arranging another wonderful gathering in one of the premier dining experiences of South Florida, and to Leeann, who always holds a special place in our hearts with her inviting smile and warm personality.
Steve And Diane
Fort Laiderdale, FL
16 Aug 2014

Thought you might be interested in reading what you've been preaching.
Stan & Diane



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Sherry Swerdlow
Miami, FL
7 Aug 2014
I've been coming to Chef Jean-Pierre for at least 10 years now. His classes are not only educational but fun as well. I've brought so many friends and family visiting from out of town to see him. Not only does Chef prepare a beautiful meal, he is so entertaining! You won't be disappointed!!!!!!

Remember to bring a bottle of wine!
Andrew Profaci
Asbury Parkn, NJ
10 Jan 2014
It was my first time taking a cooking class! What a great experience!! It's was educational delicouse and fun!!! U can ask any question and the chef will give u an answer (he was a gentleman) beside the
Cooking lesson and delicious meal he was so entertaining!!!! I enjoyed myself so much and planing on going back soon! And I felt it was very Reasonabl for the lesson and a high dinner! Thk u!!!
Roni Nussbaum
Boca Raton, Florida 33434, FL
19 Mar 2013
Uh,oh; I may have made a mistake. I thought the class
before last was the best ever. No, last week's Casual Dinner Party was the best ever.

Oh, all your classes are the best ever.

What a great time my friends and I have attending
your classes.....the best ever, ever. And I can't
wait to attend the best ever again soon.
Evelyn Tomberlin
Saint Simons Island, GA
21 Jan 2012
My husband and I recently took the Thai Cooking Class and loved it! Thanks Chef for a wonderful evening!
Lois Britton
Poznan, Poland, FL
17 May 2011
My daughter and I attended the dessert section of Cooking 101 to celebrate her graduation. I wish I lived nearby, so I could take other classes. I'm an experienced cook and baker, and I still learned new things. Chef JP is so knowledgeable and a lot of fun. It's obvious that he enjoys what he's doing.
Alissa Kopp
25 May 2010
Awesome class and staff, referred by Stacey Kolvalsky. We attended French class for couples and we loved it. We've made everything home and we can't wait to come back again.
Ft Lauderdale, FL
26 Mar 2010
The "Delightful Dinner with Friends" was fabulously delicious! Yummy for the tummy!
Richard Renner
Fort Lauderdale, FL
8 Dec 2009
To the chef and staff, I am really enjoying the classes. I made the bechamel sauce and it was more than wonderful..I watched how you did the chicken tenderloin and it was outstanding I have never been able to cook it thru without drying it out..Doing it your way did the trick.I took some of the bechamel and did a mornay sauce with mozzarella and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Fantastic. Thank you so much Rick
Coral Springs, FL
3 Nov 2009
We attended the fish class on Oct 30 and once again you presented a great class that had incredible food! As always we are able to reduplicate a fantastic meal. We love our date nites with Chef!!!
Dr. Saac63
Arlene Serpico
Coral Springs, FL
26 Sep 2009
I was given the best birthday gift ever! I had a wonderful time learning from Chef Jean Pierre. The escargot was superb and the Chocolate Mousse, as promised, was the best I ever tasted. Good food, lots of laughs and learning tips and receipts.. Wow what a night.......Thanks to all the staff.
Cathy Brewer
Fort Lauderdale, FL
22 Sep 2009
I have just completed Cooking 101 and found it facinating and I learned so many new techniques.
Thank you Chef for being not just a wealth of knowledge but a great entertainer!!!
I am signing up for Cooking 201 - see you next Tuesday!!!

Cathy Brewer
Plantation, FL
22 Sep 2009
I have just completed Cooking 101 and found it facinating and I learned so many new techniques. Thank you Chef for being not just a wealth of knowledge but a great entertainer!!! I am signing up for Cooking 201 - see you next Tuesday!!!

Scotty Mac
Boca Raton, FL
21 Jul 2009
As always an evening to remember , Steve Martorano from ( Martoranos ) in Fort Lauderdale , was unbeleivable , betwwen jean pierre and steve it was out of control , the food was out of this world, who knew cooking class would be so fun ,,,, ( : thank you ,,,
Boynton Beach, FL
18 Apr 2009
I had a great time last night at the Paring Food with wine class. Master Sommelier Eric Hemer and Chef Jean-Pierre were excellent! They are great at what they do!
All food and wine lovers should definitely take this class.
Lourdes Bennett
Miramar, Florida
12 Mar 2009
Attended the Gourmet Dinner with Friends class on March 11th. We had a blast. The food was awesome (as usual). It was almost a comedy dinner theatre environment.
We had such a great time that we signed up for the Paella class.
A Long Time Student
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
25 Feb 2009
What you don’t know is that you saved my marriage and my life. A few years ago the reason I started taking your class is because my husband of 10 years at the time told me he wanted a divorce. I was devastated and didn’t know what I was going to do with my life as I was know as John’s wife. Your class gave me an interest and confidence in myself and cooking. I learned that I was able to do something by myself for myself and enjoy myself. The stronger I got and the more I liked myself I was able to work on my relationship with John and I am happy to say we will be celebrating our 19th Anniversary in November.

I never thanked you for what you did for me so from the bottom of my heart
Hillary Runge
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
17 Feb 2009
Chef JP is the best! I took the 101 class and cannot wait for 201 to start. Am making the espagnole sauce tonight and looking forward to a delicious steak au poivre this weekend! Anyone who loves cooking should visit Chef Jean Pierre's Cooking School!
Sherry & Stew Klawsky
Plantation, Florida
15 Feb 2009
My husband and I signed up for the Valentine’s couples class and to share he was a little apprehensive to attend. I had attended a class years ago when they had a location in Plantation and still use some of the recipes. My husband, who does love to cook, left the class saying, “It was an evening like no other, Chef Pierre was truly entertaining not only as a chef but as a wonderful story teller, comedian and the food we ate was mouth watering delicious and with his ease in sharing, as we watched him prepare we believe we could tackle for our own guests!” Even if you do not cook attending a couples evening at Jean-Pierre’s is a must for everyone! This was the first couples night, please consider not waiting until next Valentine’s Day – we would love to have another Saturday evening event that we can share with you & we would like to bring our friends with us!
Kristen Davis
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
3 Oct 2008
Four of us attended the Fun Food For Friends class last night and of course, the food was absolutely delicious. We had no idea though, that Chef Jean Pierre would keep us laughing all night long! What a joy to be in the presence of someone who is so passionate, knowledgeable, fun, and generous with his talent. You can't attend his class and not fall in love with him. His joy is contagious. We learned so much and we will definitely be back! Thank you Chef Jean Pierre and thanks to Jonathan and Guillermo as well, for their preparation and hospitality.
Sabrina Piris
Fortlauderdale, Florida
30 Aug 2008
if it wasnt for my culinary trainning from Jean Pierres cooking school I wouldnt be a restaurant critique. Love you Jean---
Andrea Katsivelis
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
12 Aug 2008
We had a group of 50 people attend the cooking school and enjoy Chef Jean Pierre's cuisine. It was a great experience, with the presentation and humor adding perfectly to the excellent menu, creative dishes and welcoming facility.

Thank you from our team!
Mary Ann
Pompano, Florida
22 May 2008
What an incredibly entertaining class! I had no idea cooking could be so much fun, and I will highly recommend this to everyone I know. I can't wait until my next class! Thank you for such a great experience!
Pembroke Pines, Florida
12 Mar 2008
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
27 Feb 2008
We had a great time last night with the class!!!! Chef was joking that he hoped nobody had a babysitter waiting at home, becuase he didn't know how long we'd be there - well, my husband and I did. We got home in plenty of time for the sitter, who by the way cleaned my whole kitchen while I was gone!!! The food at the class was, and I quote, "phenomenal"!! (overheard by many in the class!) Thank you very much for a great night of food, fun, and lots of laughs!
Aaron Hipkins
Collinsville, Oklahoma
5 Jan 2008
I got to personally speak with Chef Jean Pierre, when I helped him with his computer since I do tech support, this guy is perhaps the most polite and professional chef on the face of the earth, He inspired me to start learning the basics of cooking and I was quite honored to help him.
Renee Nadel
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
4 Dec 2007
Hi Folks, The holiday cookies cooking class was superb!! We learned three new recipes, plus variations, we sampled some great desserts and best of all, we made new friends.

The atmosphere was warm and congenial. Each cooking station was perfectly set up and we all felt like TV chefs. We didn't even have to clean up. The final touch, some cheese and crackers, was also most appreciated.

All in all it was a super day and perhaps I'll even make some of the recipes at home!! (We all enjoyed the goodies I brought home that night.)

Many thanks for a memorable Saturday.
Renee Nadel
Debra Severa
Oakland Park, Florida
28 Nov 2007
Dear Chef Pierre's
I attended you Nov. 14th Thanksgiving dinner cooking class.I'm new and I wrote my E-mail down when you passed the paper around.You said in the class you would be sending some of your favorite recipe's to make up for the undercooked mixed veggies and the apples with apple cider sauce that was to waterie and you did'nt use them for the sauce on the amirroto and pitchio cake.sorry for the spelling.I was looking forward to hearing from you for the recipes.
Thank you, Debbie Severa
Lindy Martin
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
12 Nov 2007
Hey there,

The class as always is a blast, I have not attended one for quite awhile and it really seems like there is strong following. Someone who was sitting next to me commented that she tried to register for another class it was full. That is pretty neat.

I do appreciate the tips on preparation during the class, I tried to write some down however I missed several, maybe add a page to the recipes labeled " Tips" one I need is when using boxed broth you add tomato paste and something.. I forget. I cannot write fast enough. Also, can I make the stuffing ahead and do I cook it then freeze it or freeze and then cook it??

I would like to order that great gravy, if it was said I missed it, how can I order it? And, What hours are you open? I briefly walked by the tools of the trade area and it looks interesting.

I did get a lot from the class, fun being one,I will plan on taking others, one being the Left Bank Favorites. I still have some of the old mailers around with some of the old recipes. I do plan on trying some of the recipes from this class this holiday.

Thank you and enjoy a great holiday.


Lorraine Roth
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
6 Nov 2007
I took the Traditional Thanksgiving class last night (Nov. 5). I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the class! Of course, the class was fun. Everything was delicious. I know I can handle the recipes! My husband and I are going to come to the paella class, and we're bringing friends! I know it will be terrific! Thank you so much. Regards, Lorraine
Bob Shor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
31 Oct 2007
Hi Chef,

Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed cooking 101! You are a phenomenal teacher and chef extraodinaire! What impressed me most was your ability to teach beginning students like myself the basics of cooking in just 5 sessions. All of the information is very practical and can be applied to everyday cooking immediately. You make cooking fun and I look forward to cooking 201 next year! See you next week in your Thanksgiving class.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Bob Shor
Tanya Estes
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
6 Oct 2007
Dear Chef Jean-Pierre,
Hello, I'm one of your old cooking class students from over 7 years ago. I was thinking about you a lot this summer after I took my 3 kids to see the movie Ratatouille.
I just wanted to let you know what a huge impact you've had in my interest in cooking. I still remember all your great cooking "tips" & will never forget the Ratatouille you made us! I had never heard of ratatouille & loved your version. And when the movie came brought me back to Ft. Lauderdale in your awesome cooking class.
We've since moved to San Diego & still have not found cooking classes that match yours!
Thanks again for your inspiration & encouragement to be a good cook. I learned to have fun while cooking.........and I think your message in class was similar to the movie, "Anyone Can Cook".
By the way, I cannot find your recipe for Ratatouille. I turned my house upside-down searching. Any chance you can email it to me??
Tanya Estes
William Johnson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
13 Aug 2007
I love the reservation system !!!
What a great tool !
I can see my invoice, my classes and cancel if I have to.
Great job.

Thank You

Arch Gordon
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
3 Jan 2007
I thought I was a good cook before taking Cooking 101. Most of my dishes revolved around grilled items with a Caribbean type influence. After taking 101 and learning some real basic but powerful techniques my repertoire has expanded dramatically to the delight of my dinner guests. The sauces I learned to prepare are truly spectacular and the dessert class really added some new flair to dinners--especially the chocolate fondants!!
I would say that I am a much better cook, I am quicker and understand what and why I am doing things to achieve a great result. I would reccommend Cooking 101 to all!
Cindy Griffin
Dania Beach, Florida
3 Jan 2007
I have been enjoying JP's classes since he was teaching at the Left Bank Restaurant. I think the best part of learning from him is that he makes everything look so easy, AND IT IS! I especially like the tips that he gives you that you won't find in a cookbook. JP is so entertaining and makes the class fun.
Scott Daycock
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
30 Dec 2006
Not only did I learn so much in The Cooking 101 Series with Chef Jean Pierre, I was highly entertained for 5 funfilled weeks. I am looking forward to Cooking 201. The Series classes allow you to learn many cooking skills, but also allow you to create a bond with your classmates. Thank You So Much Chef Pierre !
Erin Carey
Lighthouse Pointe, Florida
26 Oct 2006
Boy did I know how to burn down a kitchen!!! That was before I started taking Jean-Pierre's classes. Now I can't wait for the monthly schedule to come out!! Not only is the class so enjoyable, but the recipes are easy to repeat at home. His school is a must for first timers or even the professional chefs!!
Catherine Bova
Highland Beach, Florida
29 Sep 2006
I attended JP's first class and have been going ever since. He is a wonderful teacher and has a fabulous personality, and sense of humor. We always wind up laughing and most of all enjoying his wonderful food! I have made many of the items he has taught for family and friends and they all rave about them!

Everyone should go to at least 1 class....if not more.

Joanne DiLorenzo
Dania Beach, Florida
29 Sep 2006
I have been going to Chef John Pierre's classes for 5 years & I love it. It's a great way to spend an evening - not only are you entertained but you also get to each the most delicious food - from appetizers to desserts!! All the wonderful techniques that John Pierre has shared with the classes make it fun & easy to prepare gourmet meals.
John Cooper
Lenexa, Kansas
1 Aug 2006
I started attending Chef JP's classes on July 6, 1996, Class #38 and have been a regular ever since. I go to vacation in Florida from Lenexa, Kansas every year and look forward to his classes as they are a must when in Florida. Our friends in the midwest have enjoyed my recipe's and appreciate my frequent trips to the school. I really like the new kitchen and improvements in your school. The classes are as much fun as they are informative. Keep up the Great work Chef JP!
Carl Zettelmeyer
Wilton Manors, Florida
29 Jul 2006
Chef Jean-Pierre's classes will liberate you from your anxieties about success in the kitchen and free you to substitute, to improvise, to concentrate on the ingredients and their preparation...and to enjoy yourself in the process.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
28 Jul 2006
The Cooking Basics 101 class is great! It makes an area that is so intimidating (the kitchen), so much fun! Chef Jean-Pierre is very entertaining and has nonstop tips. Before you know it (while enjoying a glass or two of wine) he's made your meal and shown you how!
Steven Devito
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
20 Jul 2006
I 've been cooking for a many years, and in a few classes with Chef Jean Pierre I have learned more about cooking than I ever could imagine! He is a genius! His incredible personality adds flavor to his recipes, which on their own are magnificent! Thank you for the inpiration to take my food preparation to a higher level!
Catherine Melega
Boca Raton, Florida
19 Jul 2006
This is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening with girlfriends or that special someone. It is a very relaxed, friendly, and fun way to learn about the joys of cooking. Whenever I have a new friend in town I always reserve an evening for us at the cooking school. It has created wonderful memories of their trip to Florida. Chef Jean-Pierre is wonderful and warm and no matter who is cooking for you, your experience with be worthwhile and memorable.
Thank you and Cheers!!
Catherine Melega