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Score: 4.67

Anne Score: 4.66/5
The instructor was
5 - Very Entertaining
The atmosphere was
5 - Cheerful
Complexity of the recipes
3 - Average
The food was
5 - Succulent
The skills you learned were
5 - Very Useful
I enjoyed myself and had fun
5 - Lots of Fun!
Additional comments and observations

The instructor was: Warm, inviting, good stories!

The atmosphere was: This was fun. A group of strangers quickly became like family!

Complexity of the recipes: Challenging enough to learn skills and be involved in the process. Not so difficult that anyone got uptight about results!

The food was: I don't know that I would say succulent, but it was fantastic! The combination of flavors was excellent and professional.

The skills you learned were: Onlyl a hands on experience can clarify certain cooking elements. How much to cook something. How to tell when egg whites are the right consistency, sequence and timing so dishes are done at the right moment.

I enjoyed myself and had fun: Margery was so well prepared everything ran smoothly. This "work behind the scenes" allowed relaxed, enjoyable participation. The group was relaxed, integrated, encouraged and able to participate in just about everything on the menu. I believe the energy of the cook goes into the meal. In this case, the meal was so good, we ate till we could barely walk.