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class image FOOD FOR THOUGHT 12 week series Respondents: 1
Score: 4.33

Marian Score: 4.33/5
The instructor was
5 - Very Entertaining
The atmosphere was
5 - Cheerful
Complexity of the recipes
1 - Very Complex
The food was
5 - Succulent
The skills you learned were
5 - Very Useful
I enjoyed myself and had fun
5 - Lots of Fun!
Additional comments and observations

The instructor was: Leslie is very engaging and real -- loved her.

The atmosphere was: upbeat, kept me interested the whole time

Complexity of the recipes: I'm a 2-3 ingredient girl

The food was: LOVED the food

The skills you learned were: Did we learn anything? I learned that whatever those nuts were we put on the salad that they were VERY tasty!

I enjoyed myself and had fun: Lots and Lots of fun.