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  SAUCE IT UP! Respondents: 1
Score: 4.50

Sendy Score: 4.50/5
The instructor was
5 - Very Entertaining
The atmosphere was
5 - Cheerful
Complexity of the recipes
2 - Complex
The food was
5 - Succulent
The skills you learned were
5 - Very Useful
I enjoyed myself and had fun
5 - Lots of Fun!
Additional comments and observations

The atmosphere was: I had so much fun in this class. Learned how to make somany wonderful meals and chef shared some great tips as well.

Complexity of the recipes: Hard to gauge as I am not a sauce maker-what sounded very complex was broken down to be not too difficult to prepare but tasted like the real deal.

The food was: Everything was soooo good

The skills you learned were: Lot's of tips shared about stirring, chopping, testing, tasting