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class image Celebrate Tassajara Cooking with Edward Espe Brown Respondents: 1
Score: 4.14

Susan Score: 4.14/5
The instructor was
5 - Very Entertaining
The atmosphere was
4 - Lively
The recipes were
3 - Possibly useful - I'm not sure
The skills presented were
4 - Useful
The food was
3 - Good
My overall reaction was
5 - A really great time
The service was
5 - Great
Additional comments or observations
Mr. Brown was skilled, charming and entertaining. His common sense approach to cooking was refreshing. Our favorite on the menu was the duck confit. I’m salivating just remembering how delicious it was. This was our second event. We are made to feel so welcome by the servers and staff. Vicki Card went out of her way to accommodate our needs. We look forward to your November event.