class image COUPLES NIGHT: FOODS OF LOVE DINNER Respondents: 1
Score: 5.00

Gabriela Score: 5/5
Complexity of the recipes
5 - Just perfect for me
The food was
5 - Delicious!
The overall experience was
5 - Terrific
Additional comments and observations

The instructor was: she made jokes, incorporated the food and lessons to real life examples and how to adjust the recipes as necessary.

The atmosphere was: it wasn't too structured or restricting and had a warm and inviting feeling.

Complexity of the recipes: it was great, the Chef fixed the recipe for the amount of people/students that attended and told us how we can do it at home

The food was: I was not a believer of what I like to call "Fu-Fu" food or presentation dishes because I didn't believe they even tasted good but what we were taught to make and the way they complimented each other was phenomenal...thank you Chef Linda

The skills that I learned were: I know what it means to nag the food...much like when you nag your husband. lol:)

The overall experience was: Thank you Chef Linda..our experience is definately one we will repeat in the future.