class image COUPLES NIGHT IN ARGENTINA Respondents: 1
Score: 4.67

ann Score: 4.66/5
Complexity of the recipes
5 - Just perfect for me
The food was
4 - Really Tasty
The overall experience was
5 - Terrific
Additional comments and observations

The instructor was: Dana did an outstanding job of getting everyone involved, keeping an eye on the food/preparation, giving information about the history of the food, etc. He'd have been at a serious loss without Ms. Jen, however.

The atmosphere was: Easy, relaxed, unintimidating

Complexity of the recipes: They were all things I'd have given a try if I'd seen the recipe

The food was: The ingredients were fresh and of good quality. The flavors came through in the final product. Wine selections were PERFECT!

The skills that I learned were: How to use a Kitchenaid mixer............one will be in my future.

The overall experience was: This was a Christmas gift for my husband, someone who is hard to impress. He was. We've been to other group classes but this was by far the best. Think the number 12 is perfect.