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class image ENCHILADAS OLE! Respondents: 2
Score: 2.83

cyndi Score: 2/5
Complexity of the recipes
3 - Average
The food was
2 - Acceptable
The overall experience was
1 - Disappointing
Additional comments and observations
i think i misread the class description. i know nothing about making enchiladas...I was hoping to learn more of the basics....the sauces, something about the different types of peppers, etc. i did learn some moles are started by a roux and will look into that. i also had never seen a tomatialla, which was used in one of the recipes. loved the chocolate on the dessert and the dressing on the salad. i love vegetarian, but the mushroom/spinach was too much. i loved how james showed us how to assemble an enchilada. i liked the white knife Karen showed me and how James showed us his new knife. i'm a visual learner and i just thought i was going to learn a little more. sorry to sound like such a downer. everyone was super nice and helpful. i took your lemon class last month or so and really enjoyed it. i guess there was a little to much going on for me. i think it was assumed that everyone knew how to make enchiladas and i did not.

Liz Score: 3.66/5
Complexity of the recipes
4 - Easy to follow
The food was
3 - Not Bad at All
The overall experience was
4 - Better than Expected
Additional comments and observations
James spent a lot of time making sure that attendees understood differences in techniques and tastes. The result was very good for all guests.