class image IL NATALE: CHRISTMAS IN ITALY Respondents: 1
Score: 4.33

Nicholas Score: 4.33/5
Complexity of the recipes
4 - Easy to follow
The food was
5 - Delicious!
The overall experience was
4 - Better than Expected
Additional comments and observations

The instructor was: Helpful and friendly.

The atmosphere was: You have set up a wonderful kitchen and have a great staff.

Complexity of the recipes: Most dishes were relatively simple but that added to the need to identify the different flavors.

The food was: Several of the dishes I never had before and it was very nice to have my first tastes of these dishes be so delightful.

The skills that I learned were: I learned the proper way to hold a knife, as well as how to properly cut the horizon out of fish. I will be back based on th e amount I learned from my first class.

The overall experience was: It was fantastic. I hope to learn more from future classes.