Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium
2080 Badlands Drive, Brandon, FL, 33511

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class image **FREE KNIFE INCLUDED**
Respondents: 1
Score: 3.50

Timothy Score: 3.50/5
Please rate your overall experience
4 - More than expected
The Chef/Instructor was
3 - Satisfactory
The Overall Atmosphere was
4 - Pleasant
The Food and/or Wine was
4 - Good
The Skills that you learned were
3 - Satisfactory
Would you come back and/or refer us to a friend
3 - Possibly
What type(s) of cuisine or classes would you like to see more of on the calendar?
Bread and roll making with pie crust etc.
Would you like more information about the RP Cooking Class Assistant Program?
Would you like more information about Private Parties, Teambuilding Events, Birthday Parties and/or Catering?
How did you discover our store?
Online search
How can we improve your experience (Cooking Classes and/or Retail Store)? Feedback and/or short testimonial is apprecitate!
The should be doing the demonstrations and if a few of the students are also doing the same thing as the instructor then he can check there work and make examples or corrections but no other person should work on the instructors demo when he is working with other students. We are tring to learn and when a student does it wrong we learn the wrong thing. Instrutors work should be the example we are working towards.
Did you take advantage of the Cooking Class Discount before/during/after class? If not, why not?
People, staff, store, were great.