Chef Jean-Pierre's
1436 N.Federal Hwy Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33304

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Score: 5.00

Daniela Score: 5/5
The Instructor (Chef) was?
5 - Very Entertaining
The atmosphere was
5 - Cheerful
Would you come back
5 - For sure
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Great way to improvise. The end result was delicious!
Additional comments and observations

The Instructor (Chef) was?: The Chef had a great way to lighten the atmosphere in the midst of uncertainty of how the recipes would fare.

The atmosphere was: lively crowd, much more relaxed than other more structured classes I have taken.

Complexity of the information provided: The shrimp recipe seemed to much trouble at first but once we agreed to manufacture them in the same way as the salmon cakes the dish was no longer to overwhelming or painstaking to make on a regular basis.

The Food (or Wine for a Wine) Class: The fennel tart was superb, as was the goat cheese and cherry tomato ragout dish.

The Skills that you learn were: Reviewed a lot of basic Cooking 101 skills as well as incorporating some new skills for making the crust of the tart and the goat cheese roll.