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Linda Collins
Sammamish, WA
25 Nov 2013
I recently attended a pie making course with Carol. It was really fun and gave me hope that perhaps I could actually make a pie crust that looked pretty and was edible.
I attempted one this weekend - a mixed berry pie. It turned out perfect. The crust was flakely on the top and just a bit crunchy, but very flaky on the bottom. I followed Carol's tips on the berry filling too. The filling came out perfectly firm, not runny and it was delectable. I brought most of the pie to work for my co-workers and everyone raved. I didn't think perfect pie/pie crust would ever be in my future! Thank you Carol.
Cyndee Lockwood
Woodinville, WA
12 Jan 2013
After many years of cooking for a large family and now just for two, I had really lost my touch and begun to hate it. What fun, what joy it is to come to this class and learn something new, do it hands on and in a very fun way. I had never heard of Sizzleworks until a friend mentioned it and now, besides all my other activities, I am hooked.
Nicole Takeguchi
Poulsbo, WA
21 Mar 2010
My wonderful husband bought this unique "date night" for me as a surprise and it was one of our most memorable!! Upon entering Sizzleworks you are greeted with smiles by the staff who offer to take your coat and serve you a beverage while you begin to mingle with all of the other friendly people who are also waiting for the nights festivities...the room is of simple elegance...for those whose tummies cannot wait for whats to come a delicious starter is passed out to begin the nights journey into the French Chef Carol introduces herself and staff before she begins her "tour"...we are then led into a tantilizing world of tasty dishes that we are able to either watch and learn or if we choose to participate in and help create...Chef Carol is sure to give needed details, tips and tricks to enhance the special recipes... the class is excited as we all watch is awe of the creations before us as we wait ever so impatiently to taste them...once the cooking portion of the night is complete we are invited to enter the "dining" part of the night... we then leave the "kitchen" and step into the beautifully adorned tables with fresh flowers while the soft sond of music plays...we are offered a glass, or two of wine while and are then ready to eat...after all is said and done and we have not only enjoyed a wonderful meal but a meal we helped to prepare we await whats friends chat at tables about the night as we are served our scrumptious dessert...what a way to end the night...Chef Carol has an amazing business that I would recommend to anyone looking to have fun, learn and enjoy a very unique "date night" or any night out!! I look forward to returning with my husband!