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NuCulinary has been bringing the art of Asian cuisine to you in public weekly classes for the past 15 years. The best part of it has been you, our students who have ventured with us to explore the different tastes and traditions of the Asian table. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and loyalty is precious and deeply appreciated.

When you give a gift of a NuCulinary or Pastry Craft class, you provide a pleasureable experience, that is fills the senses and the tummy. You will find it a great choice for those who have everything and those who want to learn everything or just a little something.

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You can set up all your gift giving and program the gift certificate to be emailed the day of their birthday or anniversary or holiday. You can also ask to have it emailed to you to include in a card. It is all up to you and for your convenience. Feel free to do any denomination that you like.

If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate to be used for a private cooking class or for a cooking party, please contact us first. Call 206-932-3855 or email us at info@nuculinary.com.

Thank you!

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Chef Sam Ung